On my way to my table, I bumped into an idiot who spilled beer on my new shirt.

“Fucking hell, watch where the fuck you are going!”

Other than the strobe lights, the club was almost pitch black; I could barely make out the form in front of me. As I walked past I heard, “You watch where the fuck you’re going!” I turned and at that moment a strobe light passed across the frame. I was surprised to see a woman. Or a girl. In this place, they look the same. She was livid. She came closer and pushed a well-manicured nail into my chest.

“Are you blind?”

I could see her face well now. She was average looking, but there was something about her eyes. It’s like she could see through me. With a sneer, she turned and waded through a crowd of drunks who whistled at her. One attempted to grab her ass – a look froze his arm mid-air. I hadn’t stopped staring at her. ‘Nice body’, I thought as I followed her to the bar.
I grabbed the bar stool next to her before any of the mafisi did.

“What are you drinking?”

“Whatever you spilled” she shot back.

This one was trouble. I could tell. And today I was in the mood for trouble. I looked at my shirt. What I thought was beer was actually red wine. Fuck! That would leave a stain. I called the bartender.

“A glass of red wine and two Pilsners!”

“Sweet red wine!” she interjected.

She had those coarse voices. ‘Probably a smoker’, I thought.

“Are you going to keep staring at me all night?” she asked as she took a sip of her wine.

I hadn’t even noticed that I had been staring. There was something about her. She shifted in her seat when I smiled at her and I noticed how smooth her thighs looked. Her body was definitely something.

“Sorry about earlier,” I whispered in her ear.

She nodded.

“Not much of a talker, are you?”

“Not when it’s unnecessary.”

I had never gotten such a curt response in my entire life. How do you even respond to that? I was thinking of leaving and going back to my boys when she turned, “What do you do?”

“You mean other than spilling people’s drinks?”

She giggled. Ahh progress.

Trey Songz came blasting through the speakers. Something about the neighbors knowing his name. I did not care for that kind of music. Who in their right mind even listened to that crap…?

“I love this song!” she exclaimed.

“Me too!” I lied. “Wanna dance?”

She responded by gulping down the rest of her wine and standing up. She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. I could see jealous stares from some guys who were standing near the dance floor swaying to the music, trying to be cool and failing miserably.

She stopped in the middle of the dance floor and stood in front of me. As soon as she started gyrating her hips to the music I grabbed her tiny waist and tried to follow the sway of her hips. After her ‘favourite’ song was over, I half expected her to start her way back to the bar. But she kept dancing. Beenie Man was on. ‘This DJ is shit’, I thought. She backed herself into me and jiggled her ass. Apparently, that was the only way to dance to Beenie Man. Soon after, I thought that maybe I should buy the DJ a beer. The man clearly knew what he was doing.

I buried my face in her neck and wrapped my hand around her waist. I wasn’t sure we were even dancing anymore. I stretched my right hand to her thighs and felt the hem of her dress rising. With her moves, the dress lifted higher and I ran my fingers along each inch of the thigh that was left exposed. She lifted her hand and placed it on the back of my neck. I pulled her closer and squeezed her. I did not want the music to stop. I pushed my hand between her thighs, half expecting her to pull away. She spread her legs slightly. I saw an opening and took it. Two seconds later my fingers were touching her panty covered mound.

The DJ threw it back and Mavado came on, encouraging his fans to ‘grab her breast’. She took my left hand and placed it on her left breast. ‘Oh…’ She might not have been much of a talker but she sure was a good listener. I squeezed. I thought I heard her moan. Or maybe it was the couple behind me. I did not care. I was hard now and I pushed myself into her as if we were actually fucking. She backed into me with each of my thrusts. I did not know what material her dress was made of, but till today I am thankful to whoever the designer was. It was thin enough that I could feel her nipples through it and I was sure she wasn’t wearing a bra. I felt her hand graze mine as I pulled her panties. She helped me push the knickers to the side. I felt the soft flesh of her pussy lips and almost came right there. I parted them with my middle finger and caressed her bud. She moaned. This time I was sure it was her. I kissed her neck before she turned her head and kissed me. She was a great kisser; slow, sensual, hungry, needing.

The music changed. A Vybz Kartel tune. This time about ‘Pumpum’. I had no idea what that was but from the response of the couples on the dance floor, it was good. I pushed two fingers into her without warning and she moaned into my mouth. Thrusting into her with the beat of the tune. She was moaning louder now and I had to kiss her to muffle her moans. Not that it would matter. The blasting music would drown them all. I had never wante up someone as bad as I wanted her. I surprised her when I added another finger into the mix; she was tight but soaking wet so the extra finger smoothly glided in. I pushed them into her slowly at first then increased the tempo. She put her hand over mine and helped push my fingers into her. When she tried to pull away, I wrapped my left hand around her waist and held her in place. Her thighs began to quiver as Konshens came on. Her juices dripping down my fingers.

She turned around and kissed me. Gratefully. As she turned to walk away, I held her by the elbow and led her to the door. She struggled to keep up with the long strides I was taking. Strides I didn’t even know I could make. Before we knew it, we were in the parking lot heading to my car. I was just getting started.